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Get a Separate ID for Buying

Many people have just one eBay user name. Many others have a few eBay IDs. Have you wondered why some people have more than one? Maybe you don't see the point? There a number of reasons, but this article is mainly looking at getting yourself a separate ID just for buying. What are the advantages of having a separate buying ID on eBay?

Let's say for example you sell books. You're browsing the book auctions one day and you see a rare book and because you have specialist knowledge, you can see it's worth a lot more than it's currently going for. You put a really low bid on it, and you win. For arguments sake, let's say you win the book for five pounds, but in reality it's worth a few hundred pounds, and you're going to make a tidy profit when you sell it on. It's really easy for any prospective bidders to see what you paid for it, because you won it, paid for it, received feedback on it, and have now listed it for sale, all on the same eBay ID. It might, and probably would, put some bidders off, knowing that you got it really cheap.

Wouldn't it be a great idea then, to have a different buying ID? That way you can buy as much as you like to resell, and no one knows you bought it really cheap on eBay.

A second reason for having a different buying ID is to protect yourself from retaliation. You might have an awful experience with a seller, and decide to leave negative feedback. If you're also a seller, there's nothing (unfortunately) to stop that seller buying something from you, and leaving you one or more negatives to 'get their own back'. Sad, but it does happen. Of course, if you bought the item on your buying ID, and you don't sell anything on that user name, then there's no chance that people will buy from you and leave bad feedback in retaliation.

So that's two logical reasons to get yourself a separate buying ID. It's perfectly acceptable to do and within eBay's rules. You can use the same name, address, phone number and paypal account. All you need is a separate email address for each ID that you have. What are you waiting for? To make it even easier, we've even included a link to Register a new eBay ID

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